Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Many hands

Sorry about the blogging hiatus, friends. I just popped out for a spot of quilt making, self-organizing, and family time. There might have been a tad too much time spent on Instagram too.

Now, where were we?

You may recall that back in February Perdita brought along this large quilt top to our St Mark's Quilters workshop.

We all agreed that it would be perfect to have on hand to donate in case of an emergency, and Gail, bless her heart, offered to quilt it on her domestic machine.

Pinning could have been a challenging job for Gail alone, but there were plenty of willing hands at our March workshop.

A Kwik Klip is the best way Di B and I have found to close those safety pins without pricking our fingers, but without one of these some of our quilters chose to leave their pins open, while Di came along behind to close them with the Kwik Klip.

It was done in under 15 minutes!

Many hands do make light work.

Here are a few of our latest finishes.







Remember I shared this little pieced heart pattern at our February workshop?

Di J

A few of our ladies have started on their own versions, and this is Gail's Blanket of Love, with the heart shape cleverly repeated in the negative space. Perfect for one of the tiny bubs in the Newborn Intensive Care Nursery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Di C has pinned this cute Noah's Ark panel and plans to domestic machine quilt it into a Kindy quilt for The Marcia.

And Sue W has similar plans for this panel.

Finally, something I hope will make you smile. 

Like all of us, Chester loves *91 years young* Margaret, so when his friend Matilda the golden retriever (Margaret's grand-doggy) wasn't nearby he moved in for some love and pats. Beautiful picture of them both, don't you agree?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Love was in the air last weekend, Valentine's weekend, as St Mark's Quilters gathered for our first Saturday workshop of the year.

This is our sixth year stitching Blankets of Love for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's Newborn Intensive Care Unit,  and our seventh making cot sized quilts for the little ones at the KU Marcia Burgess Kindy, and we love our work!

With permission from Megan Pitz @canoeridgecreations I shared her True Love Mini Quilt pattern, and took along my version. With an extra border or two it makes a very sweet little Blanket of Love, and would look gorgeous hanging on a nursery wall.

Sue was hand piecing a heart block of her own, to be joined up with three others for a flower effect.

Di C and Perdita wasted no time cutting out fabrics for new quilts.

This was Perdits's latest sweet finish, perhaps suitable for an Easter bub?

This donated quilt top found a volunteer eager to take it home and finish it as an 'emergency' quilt.

Gail carefully pieced these little blocks, undaunted by all the Y seams.

She also brought in these two cheery Blankets of Love. 

[The quilts in my photos are really not as wonky as they look. It's just that I like to photograph them in the bright shade outside in the garden, and our grassy lawn is particularly lush and spongy right now after a good rainfall.]

Michelle relaxed with some big-stitch hand quilting. So pretty!

Sophie and Susan brought in this cute finished Kindy quilt, made from a jelly roll and two bunny border prints.

And this Blanket of Love.

Barb made these two beauties.

...and this delicious French Apple Cake for our morning tea. Yum!

Gillian was still feeling the Dresden love.

..and we loved the lemon slice and chocolate cakes she brought along!

There was no need to ask Margaret how she spent her holidays. Look at all these beauties from our hexie queen!

Robyn's hand piecing is meticulous, but when time prevented her finishing this beautiful little quilt with hand quilting Di B helped in with a great spot of team work, and machine quilted it. 

Finally, look who had a birthday this week. Happy 12th birthday, lovely Matilda!🎉

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hillside Houses

The sun could hardly have shone brighter over Sydney Harbour on Christmas Day.

And the balmy weather continued right through to New Year.

[photo by City of Sydney]

But a few days later the heavens opened and it seemed as if the torrential summer rain would never stop. Perfect weather! For finally getting started on a quilt, that is.

Apart from the stunning play of colours, light and shade, I imagine any of us can look at this pattern and, with just a little poetic license, see a resemblance to a special landscape from our own life's experience. 

For me, it's a little like the mansions built on the slopes beside Sydney Harbour, except, of course they're nestled among mature trees and gardens. It's also a little like the staggered skyline of the high rise apartment buildings where I live. And it's even like the pretty little houses I've seen on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. 

The pattern comes with instructions for three sizes, to make a miniquilt, a wall hanging or a throw size quilt, and I chose the wall hanging. There are twelve blocks, each one different, and so far I've completed eight.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Row #1 Completed

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

Row #2 Completed

Block #7

Block #8

Making a quilt entirely from solids is a new experience for me, but I can see they're perfect for this colour block design, adding crispness and dimension to the angles of the houses. 

So here's my design wall, and my progress so far. 

Just four blocks to go 😉

Do these hillside houses remind you of somewhere special?